Have you ever feel you want to have something of your own? Something alive, something warm that you can touch and cuddle, something as the target of your emotional attention? Something to love… and love you just the way you are. No ego, just love. Have you ever (desperately) want to have your own pet? I do.

August 26th, 2015

2:00 p.m.

I hear it. Meowing. Loud. I know it is a kitten. My heart beat. Am I too dramatic? I try to find it. And there it is, stuck under the parked waste truck. A kitten. Black color. Black eyes. Black moustache (for sure) and long tail. A cute cat with the beautiful, curious-but-little-bit-sneaking-eyes staring at me.

It is a boy.

The prediction of his age is about one week. I decide to adopt him.

2:57 p.m.

Preparation must be made: Text friends, text mom, googling, ask friends to text their veterinarian friends for information. I need advice. I need to know 1001 ways how to raise a kitten.

6:46 p.m


This is him. After bath. Isn’t he cute?

9.48 p.m

He is clean. Smells good. Full of soya milk. And sleep like a baby.

I feel so happy. My heart explode in joy. I’m in love with this kitten. I see him as miracle.

And I name him Splat. Just like Splat the Cat – from story book children written by Rob Cotton.

August 27th, 2015

5.15 a.m.

Oh Well, I’m not ready to have a baby. I hear him crying at 5.15 a.m. meowing more powerful than my alarm. He is meowing until 8 a.m.!

11.34 a.m.


Splat is at work with me now.

After running around (he is still learning how to run, soon to be pro) he is tired then fall asleep next to my laptop. Leave me work in peace. I am a happy mommy!

12.59 p.m.

The nightmare begin.

He is pooping. Diarrhea. Wrong milk I guess. I must change the choice of milk. Oh.., and he is pooping at the wrong place. Nightmare for me. It means messy clean up.

Now I’m thinking about A to Z how to treat him pooping in the right place.

3:54 p.m.

Splat has parasite. Parasitic worm. Helminth.

He turns my world upside down.  I’m running around to find fresh Etawa goat milk, a cage (a good friend help me to get a cage), some vitamins, and helminthic.

7.25 p.m.

Medication and treatment applied.  Splat is clean again, smells good again, he drinks the helminthic in small dosage, fill full, and sleep inside his warm cage.

August 28th, 2015

Around 2 a.m.

I know he is awake.

Chewing his kitten food… then back to sleep.

9.45 a.m.

Good news: This time, Splat sleeping until 9.45 a.m.

Bad news: Diarrhea still goes on. The death worms in his poop is found.

Some decision made: No more milk. Splat will only consume mixed honey and water, mixed honey and yolk, and soaked kitten snack (if he has appetite to chew something).

1.59 p.m.

Pooping. More death worms is found. And Splat is not happy with that. And so I am. He is stress. Me too. He is mad. He wants to go out from the cage but I don’t let him to. I clean him, feed him, clean the cage, and make him sleep.

2.41 p.m.

Pooping again and twice more death worm in the poop.

I think this is my limit. I really wish this is the last death worm. But unfortunately, it’s just the beginning.

22.00 p.m

Hard day. More poop and more groups of death worms. Mad Splat mood sometimes, cry meowing another time. But Splat is good kitten. Never give me trouble at feeding time. He is also discipline with his sleeping schedule. And still cute.

He will be alright. After the worm issue gone he will be back to normal. Splat will be a healthy cat, fat, strong, naughty, and as cute as hell. I think he is agree with me. He is sleeping like a baby through the night.

August 29th, 2015.

07.00 a.m.

Splat is awake.

Little bit dirty. And stinky.

Fast clean up. Mixed honey and yolk for breakfast is given.

I have to leave him for field work. It is not easy. But my good friend will look after him when I’m gone. I’ll be back around 12 p.m.

11.50 a.m.

Text info from my good friend.

Splat update:

  • Meowing all the time
  • But feeding time has no problem
  • The group of death worms issue still continuing
  • Splat says… “LET ME OUT FROM THE CAGE!” (such a rebel he is)
  • Diarrhea getting worse.

I panic.

1.30 p.m.

Feeding Splat with mixed honey and yolk. Then he sleeps.

He is a bit weak…

2.12 p.m.

Text friends… talk to some friends…. ask more advice.

I think I need veterinarian.

Situation: for some reason I am broke. Vet is not cheap. At this situation I know that money can’t buy me love, but at particular time extra penny is really needed.

But I am not a give up kind of person. I will find the way. And I have lots of helpful friends with tons of information. (God bless them).

2:56 p.m.

I got the contact of BAWA – Bali Animal Welfare Association. One of their program is 24/7 free animal ambulance service. Thanks God… universe helps us.

3.00 p.m.

I text my first contact of BAWA.

He is no longer working with BAWA. He gives me another contact.

3.07 p.m.

I text my second contact of BAWA. As he is not responsible with the ambulance program, he gives me another contact.

3.15 p.m.

I text my third contact of BAWA. Text unseen. No respond.

4.18 p.m.

I call and call my third contact. No answer. I think she is busy with the ambulance.

4.20 p.m.

I text my second contact again. Tell him the situation. I need another contact.

Splat is getting weaker.

4.35 p.m.

I text Hayu, my very friend. Update her. I feel like crazy, I need to talk to someone.

A lot of conversation with Hayu.

Then Hayu says… take Splat to the nearest clinic. Let him get help, pay later!

4.43 p.m.

I got another contact. My fourth contact of BAWA.

I text her and tell the situation. No respond.

4.52 p.m.

I call my fourth contact. She is on the line.

She is promise to get the people in charge to help Splat. Means, she will try to get my third contact to be connected with me.

I wait.

5.20 p.m

Googling. Try to find the nearest animal clinic in town. I will do what Hayu suggest me to do.

5.28 p.m.

My third contact of BAWA gives respond.

She asks my address and tell me that the vet is on the way.

I cry.

6.46 p.m.


I feel so grateful. I like BAWA.

IMG-20150829-WA0006 (2)

That is Splat examined by the vet.

The results of medical examination:

  • No virus found.
  • Parasite worm. Positive. And it cause diarrhea.
  • No medicine, vitamin, or antibiotic given. Splat is too young for that.
  • Splat is better be with me then stay in clinic with other sick animals.
  • Mixed water and honey + mixed honey and yolk must continue given.
  • Mixed water and honey must be given every two hours. It will be help him from dehydration caused by diarrhea.
  • Keep him in good mood.
  • And many more advice.

I feel optimist. Splat and I will be just find.

I set up my alarm. It will ring me every two hours – for Splat’s “drinking” project.

10.30 p.m.

Drinking time for Splat. He is shivering. He needs more light bulb.

I squeeze him with my woolen gloved hand. Make him warm again.

He likes it. He likes it more when I scratch his neck. I tell him, if he became a good boy and cooperate with the drinking session, I will reward him with neck scratching.

His gloomy black eyes stares at me. I cry again.


10.48 p.m.


I take his photo and said… “Later when you get well… you and I will laughing at this photo together”

I think I’m crazy talk to a kitten. But I don’t care.

August 30th, 2015

1.15 a.m.

Splat condition is getting worse. He is not strong enough to stand.

But he is a kitten brave. I like this little kitten spirit.

1.37 a.m.

Have you ever feel… you want to let go something, but at the same time you do not want to let go it. It is so unbearable to see him in pain.

I speak to a kitten again. I tell him… it is okay to give up. It is all right.

I tell him… but if he want to struggle… I am always with him. I will help.

Sobbing and more sniffing is not help. I have to stop crying or I will make him stress.

1.48 a.m.

Splat farting. Out loud. Can you believe that?

Well… if farting can help to heal his tummy ache, he can fart as much as he want. I don’t mind.

2.37   a.m.

He pukes. Thick-clear-liquid.

3.24 a.m.

I think he is half faint. So weak.

I text Hayu again. I need to talk to someone. God bless her, she is on line.

I keep update Hayu about Splat condition. She knows a lot about cat. And she is a cat lover. She will understand how I fell.

3.31 a.m.

Splat is pooping while lay down.

I clean it. I know he likes it clean.

No death worm this time.

3.46 a.m.

Hayu asks me to check Splat’s skin. Pitch the nape. If the skin is not back after I pitch it… means he is dehydration.

And he is. I worry and scared.

3.58 a.m.

Drinking time again.

It is getting hard for me to feed him. He refuses to open his mouth. He doesn’t want me to put his pacifier on his mouth.

He is so weak. And so suffer. I beg to God to make it quick, recover or death.

4.37 a.m.

Restless Splat.

I cry.

5.20 a.m.

More poop. Diarrhea.

I give him more drink. He drinks it this time. Good boy.

He sleeps. I think his tummy feel little bit better after poop.

5.40 a.m.

Restless again.

5.58 a.m.

He is shivering.

Around 6 a.m.

I try to make him warm. Squeeze him again.

He sleeps now.

I take his photo again.


6.08 a.m.

I have to sleep little bit. But I think I cannot sleep.

I keep evaluate my way of nursing Splat.

Some errors I’ve made:

  1. I gave him shower. Twice. I made him stress.
  2. I did not pay much attention on dehydration issue.
  3. I was too lazy to give him drink every two hours since the beginning.
  4. I HATE WORM. Worm that live inside the living tummy!
  5. I wish I have my mom’s instinct. Many abandoned kitten survive in her hand.

7.52 a.m.

I felt asleep.

Message tone wake me up. Someone from BAWA text me. Says… BAWA will come to check Splat. Isn’t it a good news? They are awesome. I really like BAWA!

7.55 a.m.

I open his cage. He so quiet. No move, no sound (usually he moves his little ear little bit every time I open his cage).

I touch his belly under his blue blanket… then I know he is not there anymore.

He left me… he left me when I was asleep.

Splat is death…. and me, broken-hearted.


9.01 a.m.

I bury him.


Good bye, Splat… R.I.P.

Thank you for giving me chance to look after you. Thank you for being my pet.

My 5 days pet.



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