Wednesday, December 10, 2014



Focus on the left side. Focus on that cute-silly-face. She is one of my dearest friends; Putri Ayusha.

I just viewed my mobile galleries and found this photo which brought me back to a moment….

Couple weeks ago, in one of my work-trip, she took me to Kineruku, the book corner. A nice place to read in Bandung, West Java.

After ordered some beverages to drink, searched some books to read, she sat next to me with an orange book in her hand.

Photo by: Putri Ayusha

Photo by: Putri Ayusha

From a quick glance I saw the tittle: “Love”. Then we stared to each other. From her eyes I can read what she tried to say to me “Hey, look what I found! Treasure!” And me… as always; underestimate everything (my negative side I hate but hard to change).

She opened the first page, then second page, third… fourth… Wait! It was not a book about stupid love between two teenagers as I thought before. It was…illustrated book. Colorful pages. It was interesting children book!

Putri only needed five minutes to read it. With her winning face she slide the book to me… then together we read…

Love is a simple book about abandon-unwanted little girl who will teaches us about LOVE. Simply written but successfully will grabbed your emotion.

I ended up with crying, sniffing my nose, shed my tears, while sat on a chair in the main table with other readers next to us. And Putri, off course… laughing out on that silly situation.

I’ve learnt two things from that book:

  1. There is no naughty children in this world. If you find one naughty, he/she maybe just lonely. All a child needs is just little attention, patience, and LOVE.
  2. Do not underestimate something you don’t know. ‘Don’t judge the book from the tittle’ is very well said.



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